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Walked in Death

Walked in Death

William - Prior to coming to Central Wyoming Rescue Mission, I had been doing well and life was good. I was serving the Lord. I had been living for God for about five years. I had a good job, a house, cars, everything I thought I needed.  It was at this high point that I became complacent. I started thinking that I had it all, and stopped going to church or spending time with my Christian brothers.  It was then that I started drinking again.  Drinking led to bars, and soon I fell back into methamphetamine. Two months after I started using again, I lost my job in Casper, so I went to Riverton and got another job. Life was…lifeless. I was using and working, and working and using. It only lasted for about six months before I had enough. I was being convicted by God, and I finally listened. I left everything and came to the Mission in Casper. I got into the Discipleship Program and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family. I lost what felt like everything in six months, but in doing so, I gained everything that truly mattered. Today, I live and seek the Lord for everything. Jesus has one hundred percent of my life. I thank Jesus and everybody associated with the Mission, for the change in my life, and for making it possible for people to learn a new way of life with Jesus.

Leann - My Lord, my Papa God brought me out of the miry clay and into a life filled with His love. If you’ve ever had a nightmare that you just couldn’t wake up from, and kept trying to scream for help, but the screams weren’t coming out, then you have know what my life was like without Christ. I was like the walking dead: screaming on the inside, trying to get out of the nightmare I had created for myself. Pain, lies, fear, and pride continued to stack up in my life, along with everything else in between. God had always been right there with me, waiting patiently for me to surrender my life completely. That is why I came to the Mission. I left everything behind and ran to my Daddy. I now understand what it means to have faith the size of a mustard seed. I know what it is to trust the Lord with all my heart and to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first; seek the Lord and His righteousness, and all shall be added unto me.


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