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Sought Enlightment in the Occult


I was raised in a Christian home and first took Jesus as my Lord and Savior a little before my 13th birthday. For about four years, I was on fire for God. I worked in the church and spent time reading the Bible, but I was not a truly dedicated Christian in all respects. I drank a little, smoked pot and did some stupid things: much like a lot of teenagers did in the 70’s.

Looking back now, I can see that I was a weekend Christian instead of… read more

Lost the American Dream


I came to the Mission on March 11th. On March 8th, my birthday, I woke up in a detox center in Boulder, Colorado. For the first time in my life, I was homeless. My life was chaotic, out of control and had no meaning. I often escaped through alcohol and cocaine use. After over a 20 year period, drinking eventually took complete control of my life. Consequences of this disease were enormous: I lost my career, my marriage of 20 years, and my home. Most devastating of all, however, was… read more

Walked in Death

Walked in Death

William - Prior to coming to Central Wyoming Rescue Mission, I had been doing well and life was good. I was serving the Lord. I had been living for God for about five years. I had a good job, a house, cars, everything I thought I needed.  It was at this high point that I became complacent. I started thinking that I had it all, and stopped going to church or spending time with my Christian brothers.  It was then that I started drinking again.  Drinking led to… read more

Transformed Gang Member

Denver Gange Member

I began dabbling with addictive substances at a very young age. I was five years old when I started huffing glue and made a habit of it until my parents found out and put it to a stop. Unfortunately for me, my appetite was already wet, and I started smoking when I was twelve.  I started using alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine that same year. It was a short road from there to using methamphetamine, and I started doing so at fourteen. I joined a gang while I was… read more


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Clean, fresh bath towels are some of the little things that help our guests know God loves them and so do we.

You can help us provide this sense of comfort and belonging by collecting these much-needed items for CWRM.

Towels of any size or color are most welcome!

Donations of new or gently used towels can be dropped off anytime at CWRM, 230 N. Park St.


We’d love to have your volunteer partnership to carry out the ministries of CWRM! E-mail Becky or call her at 307-268-4474. Volunteers are asked to review and follow specific CWRM guidelines which are outlined during the volunteer interview.

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